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Five years ago, with kids on the soccer field, Chantol & Dena met, and it didn't take long for these two to become fast friends as well as soccer moms and side by side PTA officers. After hosting a number of local PTA events together and seeing the dynamic pairing of their event coordination skills at work, they worked on the first wedding together. They (and the wedded couple!) were thrilled with the results and it's easy to say the rest is history.

What if they did this all the time? Who doesn't want to work with their best friend on amazing projects? With 15 years combined of individually coordinating weddings, they combined their shared, organizing, design and coordination to create Something New. They can't wait to share that with you!


Married to her high school sweetheart with two daughters, Chantol also works full-time in the corporate world. But with a knack for leading people and organizing events, you probably won't ever find her without a side project (or two!) in the works.

They say it takes a village to help a marriage, raise kids, and build strong families, and Chantol is very thankful that the village found its way into her life. Because of this, she feels very strongly about building and empowering families around her through her time, talents and treasure. Volunteering for Power of Moms and connecting with her brides through Something New are two of the ways that she continually works towards that aspiration.

You name it, Dena can organize it. Whether it's people, a monster of a closet, party, or school curriculum, she can efficiently plan and coordinate with her eyes closed. A wife, homeschool mom of 4, an active auntie of 7 (and growing), Dena's heart is in family, friends and the events that brings them together. She's also an active volunteer for Bethany Christian Services as well as past PTA president & vice president.

It won't take long for you to walk in her front door before she offers you a cup of coffee, but don't object. You'll quickly see that organizing your event will give her a bigger boost of energy than the cups (ok, pots) of coffee she drinks every day. There's a drive and a joy in helping others facilitate their events that she just can't shake! A little bit of Martha Stewart, Marilla Cuthbert, Cinderella with a few Eeyore tendencies thrown in for good measure.

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